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Absinthe Brands

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Some Absinthe brands available in the United States (approximate prices)

PERNOD ABSINTHE ($75 - $80) relaunched in 2013 from their original recipe

ST. GEORGE ABSINTHE VERTE ($65) First legal Absinthe in America Uses Chardonnay grapes

VIEUX PONTARLIER ($60 - $65) small batch made in France uses Chardonnay grapes made in antique absinthe still

LEOPOLD BROTHERS ABSINTHE VERTE ($80) uses 19th century techniques distilled grape base green color from lemon balm & hyssop

TENNEYSON ABSINTHE ROYALE ($52-$55) clear liquid beet distallate base

EMPEROR NORTON ABSINTHE ($60) made in California small batches wormwood imported from France


made in Brooklyn 11 botanicals rosy hue from hibiscus

DUPLAIS SWISS ABSINTHE VERTE ($75) first absinthe released in Switzerland since the ban was lifted

KUBLER ABSINTHE ($70) uses real wormwood with Swiss formula

VIEUX CARRE ABSINTHE ($52 - $59) notes of spearmint made in Pennsylvania

VERSINTHE ($55) anise dominated 90 proof

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