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Culinary Backstreets

This wildly successful company offers tours in over 12 cities. Their philosophy is all about the authentic dining scenes in any given destination. They take their guests on the less beaten path to discover tradition, flavors, and people that you can only find with a local.

A few of the tours that would inspire me to

join include:

Culinary Secrets of Old City (Istanbul) searches the backstreets to find the lesser-explored market streets of the Egytian Spice Market with bites of tasty morsels of traditional Turkish products including a full lunch of pit-roasted lamb.

A Day in Sants (a Barcelona neighborhood) a 5+ hour visit that incorporates old bodegas, vermuterias, family-run restaurants, classic bakeries, tapas, and markets.

Culinary Secrets of Backstreet Naples (Italy) delves into the strong culinary heritage that makes Naples so special. Here you may get to taste Neopolitan coffee and pastries, limoncello, pizza, street food, mozzarella, and breads. This tour will include 9 to 11 stops to taste food.

Going Deep in the Borough of Global Eats (Queens, New York) You don't have to cross the oceans to have an incredible food experience. This tour takes you to places that are under the radar that features a mecca of immigrant culinary stories. You will taste food from a Mexican bakery, pit-roasted goat, Chinese dumplings, Taiwanese desserts... complete smorgasbord!


Food Valley Travel & Leisure

This company offers exclusive tours in Parma and Emilia-Romagna.

Food Valley Gourmet Tour is a 6 hour tour that is available daily and will take you to authentic producers of Parmiagiano-Reggiano, Prosciuto di Parma, and a farm to table lunch at an agriturismo.


Priceless Cities by Mastercard

Here you will find numerous one of a kind culinary adventures all over the world at different price points.

Mohala Farms (Waialua, Hawaii) This experience includes a private guided tour of the six acre organic Mohala Farm. Guests will also experience a private cooking demonstration and a farm to table meal.


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