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by Cecily Gamba

Street food vendors, food trucks, food halls, markets al fresco. What better way to expose yourself to the true flavor of a community than right in the heart of it? While sit down restaurants, cafés, bistros, and bars are an excellent way to sample local cuisine, there is something special about being handed your food directly from the kitchen and the cook who

prepared it. Eating among the hustle and bustle of the hungry locals around you gives you a sense of place; those surrounding you are probably on their lunch break, or grabbing a wonderfully nonchalant, casual dinner with friends. Munching while mingling in the streets of a foreign land allows for more local interaction and a unique opportunity for culture absorption.

Street food is often prepared in the most authentic way possible. These vendors are those passionate enough to bring their food to you, often using the best local ingredients and most closely guarded recipes. These vendors have also most likely planted themselves in bustling hubs of a city, leading you to not only great food, but to happening spots you may not have otherwise explored. Another plus? It’s cheap! Street food not only allows you to taste local flavors, but gives you the opportunity to taste many of them without going over budget. Next time you’re traveling, dedicate one of your meals to finding a local market with street food vendors and that stall with the longest line. With an open mind and a hungry stomach,

indulge in what could be some of the best food of your trip.






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