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International Grenache Day

If you follow social media, you probably realize that there is a DAY for everything; National Chocolate Day (Oct.28), Best Boss Day (Oct.16), National Pie Day (Jan. 23), National Drink Wine Day (May 25) and even National Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20). Well lucky for me there is an International Grenache Day that falls on the third Friday of September.

If you love Grenache as much as I do, you can imagine that I will celebrate this day with a full fanfare. For the past few years, we have had our winemaker friends come to the girl & the fig with their grenache wines and walk around and offer samples to our guests. It has been fun and engaging and we can’t thank our partners more for doing this with us.

Vic McWilliams - Victor Hill Wines, Roger Roessler - R2 Wine Company, Henry Mathes - Mathes Vineyards, Sam Coturri - Winery Sixteen600

During the evening we have had a big Tasting Event featuring 10 - 12 winemakers with their, red white and pink grenache - each with a station. Past participants have included Dane Cellars, Scala Dei, Jeff Cohn Cellars, Imagery Family Winery, Mounts Family Winery, Lightning Wines, Idle Cellars, Winery Sixteen600, Ram’s Gate Winery, Mathis Wines, Miner Family Wines, Tavosa Winery, Sheldon Wines, Somerston Wine Co., Anaba Wines

In addition, we have live music, a blind tasting and we put out a great spread including oozing-gooey raclette to smother over potatoes, endive, baguette and our house-made ham.

Grenache Day is celebrated all of the world and it is fun to dial into a twitter feed of #grenacheday and see what else is happening in Australia, France and Spain as these folks take it seriously too.

The celebration does not stop here, on Sunday, our good friend Sam Coturri puts on a great party at his Winery Sixteen600 Tasting Room, with a DJ, food and lots of great Grenache!

Grenachista: Term used by wine geeks to describe someone fighting for the cause of the Grenache Grape, also known as Garnacha, because they believe it is the unsung hero of the wineworld, used in many of the best wines but rarely getting the credit it deserves. Synonym for someone who believes in supporting the underdog. Grenachistas religiously celebrate International Grenache Day every September. From the Urban Dictionary
That somm is pushing expensive over-oaked cab but I heard through the grapevine that he’s actually a die-hard closet Grenachista fighting for the cause. I got tired of all those mainstream wines. I’ve joined the Grenache guerrillas and become a sworn Grenachista, guilty as charged. by thegrapegourmet

Do you fit in the above definition? If so, this is your International Holiday too! We will keep you posted as to what will happen in September in 2017 for Grenache Day!

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