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Morning Rituals


There’s so much to love about the Italian-vibed, retro charm at Cafe Scooteria that it’s hard to know where to begin. An honest-to-goodness working bike shop specializing in vintage scooters and custom rigs, they also serve traditional, Italian style cappuccinos and lattes made exclusively of local ingredients, and some hearty breakfast menu items to boot.

What not to miss: Although technically a drive-through shop, there’s plenty of parking and cozy seating to sip your coffee and imagine yourself cruising the alleyways of an Italian village on one of the many displayed scooters. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.


Sunflower Caffe keeps it real, organic and simple. Their menu changes seasonally to ensure the best produce throughout the year. This year Sunflower was awarded the Sonoma Valley People’s Choice Award for best cafe/coffee shop, and they always have options for any type of eater; whether you are vegetarian or gluten-free they've got you covered.

What not to miss: The Sunflower Caffe only uses local and organic produce. Their eggs come from a farm just 5 miles away, source milk from a local dairy, and their sea salt is from right here in San Francisco Bay (literally!). Enjoy your dining experience at The Sunflower Caffe while soaking up the sun and people watching on their charming outdoor patio.


Since 1995 Barking Dog Roasters has been on a quest to offer quality beans in the Sonoma County area. They guarantee freshness by roasting their Arabica beans in small batches, in house! You’ll feel like a local with the inside scoop when you enjoy a cuppa at their Sonoma coffee house – and baristas are happy to share the secrets of brewing the perfect batch at home.

What not to miss: The Barking Dog Roasters is family owned and run and their passion is excellent coffee. They roast their beans in shop to ensure freshness, and they also make their own pastries and savories.


Dutch Bros. was founded in 1992 by two dairy farming brothers in Oregon. They started from small beginnings as just an espresso pushcart and are now the largest privately owned drive-thru coffee company. Every cup of coffee is handcrafted and all of their franchises are locally owned and operated to serve their local community.

What not to miss: The staff vibe! To ensure Dutch Bros. coffee is fresh they hand roast their coffee. You can create your own flavor of their Blue Rebel energy drink by picking your favorite flavor to infuse it with. Don’t miss their specialty drinks!

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