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Museums: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

There are just a few things that are on my must do list when traveling; eating at some cool restaurants, visiting farmers and antique markets, and hitting a couple of museums. I find museum architecture quite interesting and how they interact with the surrounding environs. Urban museums have a different energy than those that sit on acreage featuring landscape art and outdoor sculpture gardens. I am partial to both, but when I find myself in a city on a rainy travel day, a museum is usually the perfect way to spend the day.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Gi. Strandvej 13 - 3050 Humblaek, Denmark

Source: www.louisiana.dk

The museum, which is located 25 miles north of Copenhagen, with a panoramic view of Sweden across the Sound, presents six to ten special exhibitions annually and has a distinguished art collection with over 3,500 works. Expect to see works from Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Picasso, and Andy Warhol.

From the start, Louisiana's exhibition practices followed the tradition at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which in the first half of the twentieth century had become famous – and notorious – for expanding the range of modern art to include architecture, design, photography, film, and other genres.

It is precisely the unpretentious aspect of Louisiana’s architecture that strikes the eye on the first visit. In the mid-50s, when the museum’s founder, Knud W. Jensen, asked the architects Jørgen Bo and Wilhlem Wohlert to build a museum based on the old villa, their basic conception was to link the architecture with the natural surroundings.

Louisiana is also a vibrant cultural centre open in the evening Tuesday to Friday until 10:00 and offers a rich variety of activities and events.

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