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Succulent Success

We love succulents for their quirky, sculptural beauty as well as their low-maintenance personalities.

Succulent plants develop shallow, intricate root systems to capture any precipitation that might come their way, however slight, which in then stored in their “leaf” tissue - acting as a reserve during dry spells.

An assortment of succulents adorns the girl & the fig’s outdoor spaces. While they’re hardy in warm or cool climates, they thrive in semi-protected spaces (such as a garden patio) where they can be sheltered from intense afternoon sun or extreme cold.

These desert beauties are able to thrive with very limited water, making them the ideal plantings for preserving a precious resource.

Here are just a couple of handy tips to keep your succulents thriving drought or no drought! There is a wealth of information available and frankly the best way to learn about succulents is to plant a small selection, experiment and watch them grow!

  • In the summer heat, water your succulents generously in the soil, not the plant itself and let the soil dry completely between waterings.

  • Do not over water and do not let your succulents sit in soaking wet soil. Make sure your pot has a drainage hole.

  • In the winter, your succulents do not require as much water, once or every other month. Don't forget to bring them inside so they don't freeze on those super cold nights.

  • Most succulents like about 6 hours of bright, indirect sunlight a day. Harsh, direct sunlight can be damaging and cause spotting on the leaves. If you have your plants inside, give them a breath of sunshine once in a while, it will do wonders.

  • Bright green succulents will have the best chance to live inside with little care. Succulents in purple and orange hues are best suited for your outdoor patio.

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