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The Markets of the World - part 2


6 - Mercat De La Boqueria

Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona

La Boqueria has been home to more than 220 traders since 1836, though records of market activity in 1217 have been found. Like most of the public markets around the world, you will find just about everything. If you see a food counter with crowds of people waiting for a spot - this is the indication that you want to get a spot and taste just about anything on their menu. It is fast paced, and there are times where the tourists are ignored. Be patient and pushy if it is warranted. One of the best things that I have done is to puchase small amounts of different prociutto and hams to be able to actually taste the difference in both variety and quality.


7 - Kushiro Washo Market

085-0018 13 Kuroganecho Kushiro, Hokkaido

Kushiro was one of the ports we stopped in on our cruise from Tokyo to Anchorage. As usual, I searched out the market and found an incredible experience. Find one of the several stands that sells vinegared rice. With your bowl of rice, you can wonder from stall to stall and select your fish for your personal 'Katte don'. You can get a small amount of many things. I am not sure that I have ever had fresher fish or seen a more expensive whole crab. If you don't like your fish raw, there are some other stalls with other local dishes. Washo translates to "Trade Harmoniously".

Hong Kong

8 - Bowrington Road Market

21 Bowrington Rd, Bowrington, Hong Kong

Known as one of the best 'Wet' markets, it all gets done here; "butcher, scale, slaughter, slice, chop --- clean later."This market is as raw as it gets. If you are squeamish, stick to the restaurants in the guide books. However, there is an indoor and an outdoor market where you can find a deal on just about anything. Above the market is the Cooked Food Centre where oil clothed tables fill a room as large as three banquet halls combined.


9 - Les Halles d'Avignon

18 Place Pie, 84000 Avignon, France

Somewhat typical of a French indoor market place, but the one that feels most like my neighborhood market. Oysters at 8am and crusty baguettes and mouthwatering cheese and bright radishes and chocolate eclairs and charcuterie and spices and chicken - need I say more? The market was developed in 1859 and has been restored over the years many times over, the last being in 1974. It is right in the center of Avignon with a parking garage right there and often times a flea/antique market across the street on the park plaza.

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