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The Sandwich

The perfect sandwich is an art form unto itself. Whether your tastes run from the traditional to the esoteric, you're a beef medium-rare, sliced thin, and dunked in jus type, or if fare of a lighter assortment (think lightly grilled veggies with a sweet drizzle of basil oil) suits your fancy - the simple sandwich stands alone in its singular ability to be all things to all people.

We took the pursuit of the perfect sandwich to an expert, Chef Matt Spector.

His advice:

"A sandwich should be treated as any composed dish on a plate. You need balance; if your veggies are gone and there's still meat on your plate, it is not balanced. Think of composing the texture the way you would any dish: in each bite you want the crunch of bread, snap of vegetables, a little bit of acidity (pickles, vinegar, mustard), and so on. You need to choose the right bread for the right ingredients, and the 'meat' of your sandwich is a fine line between too much of a good thing and not enough."

Some of the 'FIG' staff weigh in with their favorites:

Chef Matt's favorite sandwich:

Peanut butter and jelly.

Satisfying, fast, and easy.

Jonathan R. has a few favorites depending where he is ...

when at "the fig" - Pork Belly Sandwich;

at the cafe - Chef's burger;

at Junie's in St. Helena - Italian combo with everything

Jennifer W.'s favorite:

Simple Turkey, Provolone and Pickles

Laura D.'s favorite:

Caprese Sandwich

or the girl & the fig CATERS! salami & pear sandwich

Kelly M.'s favorite:

Salami on dark rye, sharp cheese, mustard and pickles

Janice favorite:

BLT on wheat toast or a Burger.

Ariel A.'s favorite:

Grilled cheese with ketchup on the side.

Megan B.'s favorite:

Dutch crunch roll, cranberry sauce, mayo, lettuce, roasted turkey and bacon.

Sydney D.'s favorite:

Turkey with stuffing and cranberry.

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